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  ■ embryos and semen available
We have embryos available out of:
  • 3/3 Changa
  • 21/4 Chalupa
  • 72/6 Gordita
  • 34/0 Taquita
These embryos are sired by: Ace In The Hole, Logan, and Fusion.
We have semen available for sale out of:

  • Apocalypse ■ (Genesis X Cat) ■ $50/straw
  • Java (Mr. Coffee X Southern Tiger) ■ $50/straw
  • Polled Tiger (Polled Medallion X Lady Tiger 26) ■ $100/straw
  • cool hand luke (Java X Phat Baby) ■ $50/straw
  • Escort (Cavlier X Prescilla) ■ $25/straw
  Call for quantity discounts!  
  ■ Sires

Sire: Genesis

Apocalypse is our new herd sire purchase from Haywire
Cattle Co. He is Genesis (Black Bayou x Channarock Miss
Reba) X Cat ( Victor's Ace x EMS Smooth Kitty).

Semen Available: $50/straw.
Quantity discounts also avaliable.
    DLF Java 12103

Sire: Mr. Coffee
Southern Tiger 293

DLF Java 12103 is our primary herd sire. This Mr. Coffee X Southern Tiger 293 has has been a great asset to our herd. His influence back on our Polled Tiger daughters gives us double bred Painted Tiger females. The Beefmaster breed knows the impact of Painted Tiger and what good mother cows he has produced.

Semen Available: $50/straw.
Quantity discounts also avaliable.
    42/9 polled tiger

Sire: Polled Medallion
Lady Tiger 26

42/9 Polled Tiger was our main herd sire for seven years. His influence is dominate in our herd for a reason. His daughters have produced many outstanding calves in show rings and other herds. Length and depth of body is evident in all of his offspring. Combined with his thick muscling and polled genetics it hard to beat. He was sold to Rex and Callie West in 2009 to continue his legacey.

Semen Available: $100/straw.
Quantity discounts also avaliable.
    Cool Hand LUke

Sire: Java
Phat Baby

Cool Hand Luke is a Sept. 2008 young herd sire.
He was the 2009 JBBA Bull Bonanza Champion
bull along with the Reserve Champion Bull at the
2009 State Fair of Texas. He is a Java X Phat Baby
(Polled Tiger X Spears Cow). He is double bred
Painted Tiger and polled scurred, what better
combination to make beautiful and productive females!

Semen Available: $50/straw.
Quantity discounts also avaliable.
  ■ donors
    3/3 Changa

Sire: Polled Tiger
TAP's 411

3/3 Changa was the 2004 JBBA National Champion out of our tremendous Polled Tiger herd sire and the great TAP's 411 Bryan Ranch cow. Her genetics speak for themselves with nine typesetters in her pedigree.  It's no wonder she is in our donor program. 

Currently we have embryos avaliable out of Fusion for sale.
    21/4 Chalupa

Sire: Polled Tiger
34/0 Taquita

21/4 Chalupa was the 2005 JBBA National Champion & the 2005 JBBA National Bred-n-Owned Champion. She also came back to  claim the 2006 Reserve National Champion title as a pair. Her sire is Polled Tiger and her dam is 34/0 Taquita which is another TAP's 411 daughter. This combiation has proven to be outstanding and predictible.

She is another donor in our herd with embryos avalible by Ace in the Hole.

21/4 Chalupa the 2006 JBBA Reserve National Champion with an Ecsort (Cavalier X Priscilla) daughter at side.
    72/6 Gordita

Sire: Polled Tiger
34/0 Taquita

72/6 Gordita was the 2008 JBBA Reserve National Bred-n-Owned Champion. She is a full sister to 21/4. Again the proven genetic combination of Polled Tiger and the 34/0 cow.  Her calf at side is out of DLF Java our current Mr. Coffee X Southern Tiger herd sire. This crossing produces tremendous double bred Painted Tiger daughters. 

72/6 is in our donor program with Logan embryos avaliable.
    34/0 taquita

Sire: Classic Copper
TAP's 411

34/0 Taquita is the mother of all mothers. She is a Classic Copper X TAP's 411 Bryan Ranch cow. Classic Copper was a Classic Cotton son we raised. He was the Champion Bull at the Tri-State sale in Amarillo 1999. 34/0 has proven herself in our donor program by producing several champions and outstanding offspring in the herd. Take a look at the beautiful Polled Tiger daughters she has produced. We are excited about the arrival of our first Logan and Ace in the Hole calves out of her.

Logan X 34/0 embryos are Available now.

  ■ winners
      2008 East Texas
State Fair
  2007 JBBA Reserve
National Champion
2009 JBBA Nationals
Class Winner

owned by Rex West
  Annie Oakley
owned by Ethan Saye
2009 JBBA Nationals Senior Champion
owned by Rex West
  Cocoa's Hot Tiger 
2009 State Fair of Texas
Reserve Champion
Beefmaster Heifer

owned by Rex West
  Cool Hand Luke 
2009 State Fair of Texas
Reserve Champion
Beefmaster Bull

owned by Lewis Beefmasters
3rd Place 2009 JBBA Nationals
owned by Calli West
  Kitty's Koffee Kat
owned by Kenny Spencer
2009 JBBA Nationals Class Winner
owned by Rex & Calli West
4th Place 2009
JBBA Nationals
owned by Calli West
2nd Place 2009 JBBA Nationals
owned by Lewis Beefmasters
Lewis Beefmasters
Larry, Rhonda, Luke & Abby
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